This is what makes Scrappers Gym the best community gym in Swindon.

Marcellus first walked through our door 2 years ago, feeling uneasy about his future and now believes he has more purpose than ever before. In just 2 short years, Marcellus has gone from having minimal boxing skills to coaching some of the attendees on our agility and fitness sessions as seen above.

Our volunteer coaches are committed to helping improve the lives and fitness of all the people who enter the gym.

We work with children, adults, people with disabilities and people with anxiety, depression and poor mental health.

Scrappers Boxing Gym & Community Fitness Centre is a community project run by the charity: Swindon Children’s Scrapstore.

All our coaches are looking forward to welcoming our existing and new service users back into the ring!

See you soon!

Behind the scenes.. with Marcellus Hill
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