Below are just some of the positive comments and feedback that we have had from people attending the gym as part of classes or who are just there to work out on their own:

“Scrappers Gym has really helped me through some difficult times; I suffer from bouts of depression and Tourette’s. My confidence has increased due to some weight loss and I am a lot more active and happier.” – Gareth Lagan – Age 28


“My name is Tony Strange; I have the proud title of oldest member of Scrappers Gym, also, the quickest! “ Tony Strange, Age 70


“I have been using Scrappers Gym for about a year now, I got into Boxing at my school which is Lydiard Park Academy, Paul Rogers who is a coach at Scrappers invited me to use the gym and I have really enjoyed the training, hopefully I will be allowed to Box as an Amateur soon”.
– Jack Tilling, Age 13


“Boxing helps students to:
– Develop their confidence and self-esteem.
– Improve the student’s behaviour.
– The students provided very positive feedback about the instructor and also each session.
– Provides students with an ‘alternative’ sport led by an external instructor, enabling the students to develop social skills when working with new people.
– A number of students have asked for a club to be put on.
– It developed student’s confidence and self-esteem.
– Chris Oke – Swindon Academy, P.E Teacher


“The Scrappers Gym boxing skills course has proved a huge success, improving behaviour, participation and engaging our disaffected young students. We have made the sessions a permanent fixture on our curriculum for KS4. The sessions have made an impact on our year 10 students and instilled discipline, respect, self-control and fairness, all of which are key on a wider scale. From a department point of view, it has extended our links within the community- based sports clubs and broadened the curriculum we offer.
– Peter Kilroy – Nova Herod Academy, Head of Department


“Another fantastic turnout today for the half term kids boxing camp, there were some real talented boys and girls there today. 

This gym helped me recover from a really dark place in my life three years ago, it has incredible people and an incredible way of life with incredible respect the moment you walk in, whether you are a regular or a new person. I always feel welcomed with open arms, there is nothing better than the scrappers family.

– Chris Mead, Age 34


“Fantastic gym with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Much friendlier and down to earth than some of the traditional fitness centers.

The fact that it is community run gym and there to help make people instead of helping to make money, is an added bonus.”
– James Lovell, Age 38


“If you find it hard to motivate yourself, come to Scrappers.

All of the coaches are brilliant. You work to your level, but you push yourself and you will get encouragement from everyone.

You will feel results, and aches, but its good. You will want to come back and do it all again.

It’s been said before about the family atmosphere, and there is. Come along and get motivated!”
– Gary Hedges


“1.Confidence in your self and give confidence to others.
2. Easy training for beginner’s.
3. Amazing!! Coaches.
4. It doesn’t costs alot for want your getting support and training and their time.
5. you put in want you get out of it . No pain No gain.
6. Boxing class in the day and night during the week that helps.
7. Really good fitness.”
– Steven Paul Fisher


“I remember the first time walking into scrappers and from the off it felt like home.

Paul Rogers was quick to introduce himself and show me around and is always quick to answer any questions you may have!

It’s more than just a gym you become a family!”
– Alex Chapple-King


“Great place to train whether to get fit or learning boxing skills. Everyone is made to feel welcome in scrappers family atmosphere.

The Volunteer coaches Paul, Alan, Daz and Steve all put great effort to helping you reach your goals. Would recommend this gym to anyone.”
– Wayne Hearne

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