Scrappers Boxing Gym and Community Fitness Centre’ is a community gym managed by the ‘Swindon Children’s Scrapstore’ a registered charity, community resource centre and social enterprise.

Scrappers Gym is Swindon’s only charity and community gym which provides a low-cost alternative to expensive commercial fitness centres enabling more people especially young people and those on low incomes to increase their health and fitness.

Scrappers Gym is open to all members of the community including adults and children.

Scrappers Boxing Gym provides the space for individuals and groups regardless of their experience in Boxing. We believe that the skills you learn through boxing inevitably benefit you in everyday life as any type of self-control and discipline helps us to become better human beings and happier in our everyday lives.

At Scrapper’s Boxing Gym and Community Fitness Centre we have something for everyone and we make boxing a healthy, expressive and productive part of your personal fitness and lifestyle.

Scrapstore Swindon

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