Where we began

Scrappers Boxing Gym and Community Fitness Centre was set up in November 2011 to provide a low cost alternative to expensive commercial fitness centres. We provide access to fitness equipment for all allowing more people especially young people and those on low incomes to increase their health and fitness.

Relocating Premises

The Swindon Children’s Scrapstore and the Scrappers Gym project relocated premises in August 2023.

The Scrappers Gym project is located at Unit 5, Callenders, Paddington Drive, Swindon, United Kingdom. SN5 7YW.


After months of anticipation, Scrappers Gym is thrilled to announce its long-awaited reopening. With a strong commitment to health, fitness, and community, the gym is excited to welcome back all our service users and new enthusiasts to the world of boxing and fitness.

Scrappers Gym will reopen on Monday, 25th of September 2023. We are currently only able to run four sessions per week until further notice. We are looking for volunteer Boxing and Fitness coaches to help us build our team and inspire people to be more active, develop new skills and create a strong and encouraging community of peers. If you have a few hours a week spare to help deliver sessions, please email olivia@scrapstore.co.uk We would love to hear from anyone that would like to get involved and join the Scrappers Gym Team.

Moving forward

We are looking to recruit more experienced and qualified boxing coaches to help us build our team and deliver sessions for local people who want to access our services.

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