Another Day
Another Positive Reason to Vote
Read How Scrappers Gym has directly benefitted Harvey in the words of his mother below:

VOTE and SHARE for Swindon Children’s Scrapstore to win £100,000.

“Please vote!! As many of you know my son Harvey has Aspergers and ADHD, he has been on medication for the last 7 years and a few months ago, coinciding with him starting boxing he decided to come off his medication (Something he’s been wanting to do for a while now).

Scrappers has been brilliant for him, he is now managing his ADHD symptoms through boxing and keeping fit. He loves his time there and it has been great for his social skills, something else he finds hard due to his autism.

I can’t thank the coaches there enough, especially Dean who Harvey has so much respect for. Please vote! It literally takes two seconds!”

Using the link below select Swindon Children’s Scrapstore and submit vote.

You can vote twice every day using Wi-Fi and 4G up to the 27th September 2019.

Your vote will help to change lives.

Thank you for your continued help and support!

Meet Harvey: Managing his ADHD symptoms medication FREE with help from Scrappers Gym
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