Scrappers Gym shook as loud pop music announced the entrance of another young boxer.
While the gym offers classes for boxers of all ages and abilities, it has a strong track record of supporting disabled youngsters and adults.
On 29th July 2019, a dozen of the aspiring boxers embraced their spot in the limelight for the third year in a row.

Even head coach Paul Rogers went toe-to-toe in the ring. He said the annual boxing show-down was something those involved in their Agility for All classes had been looking forward to.
He added: “It really improves their confidence and brings them out of their shell. Their families have come along to support them. It’s something they can look forward to. They’re building up to this for weeks.
“The boxers have brought out their own robes and walk out to their own tunes. It’s brilliant.”

Lewis Bird, Scrappers Gym Coach, said: “An event like this enables our participants to go back into their communities with an immense sense of pride that they have competed in a tough, challenging event and reaped the rewards of their hard work.  Without this gym, many of the participants with physical and/or learning disabilities would be missing out on the fundamental physical, social and emotional health benefits we would otherwise take for granted. It is a pleasure to see this project grow and would not be possible without the hard work of the volunteers and financial support from funders.”

Inclusive Showcase Round 3 – HIGHLIGHTS
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